Lakeland Highlands Middle School

Arts & Entertainment TICKETS!

Tickets for the Arts & Entertainment performances of It’s All In Your Head and  The Ever After- A Musical are now available ONLINE at

It’s All In Your Head is a one-act comedy set in the prefrontal cortex of Drew Peterson, a middle school boy. In the PFC, Emotion runs wild, Focus can’t focus, and Planning is losing her mind. Together, the feelings of Drew must team up to accomplish their most difficult task: successfully asking a girl out on a date. Will Impulse be able to keep the team in line? Will Insight and Judgment remain balanced? Will Empathy finally participate in something? This hilarious comedy is a no-brainer!

The Ever After- A Musical is a hilarious parody of daytime TV, host Sally Lizzie Jesse Donatello-Griffin wonders if time truly heals all wounds. She invites Cinderella and her middle-aged ’beauty-impaired’ stepsisters to reconcile with each other after being estranged for 20 years. What about Snow White and the Evil Queen? This hysterical fractured fairy tale has it all: a trash-talking clairvoyant mirror, an unfortunate prince who is turning slowly back into a frog and even Jiminy Cricket . In this show, “Happily Ever After” and reality have a hilarious head on collision!