Lakeland Highlands Middle School


Lakeland Highland Middle School offers a variety of programs and activities for students. These programs include elective classes covering a wide range of interests and sponsored clubs and activities. In addition, our school offers academic assistance through tutoring and remedial programs. Below is a list of some of the programs offered at Lakeland Highlands Middle School.

*DUE TO COVID, many of our clubs are not meeting at this time.

Art Club & Art Honor Society

The LHMS Art Club is open to any student enrolled in an LHMS art class.

The LHMS chapter of National Art Honor Society requires students to have at least a B in their art classes, to promote an objective view of art, and volunteer hours. The chapter sponsors an art sale at the end of each year. See Ms. Ham for more details.

Sponsor: Ms. Garcia


The A-Team is an all academic competition team at Lakeland Highlands Middle School. All (private, public, charter) middle schools compete against each other. The team attracts the academically talented students as well as those who are just really good at solving problems.

Interested students take a test at the beginning of the year over general knowledge in all of the subject areas. The teams (6th, 7th and 8th) will be selected around November. Only 6 students compete for each grade level.  The competition will be held in March.

Sponsor: Mr. Winters  Ms. Youngblood

AV Club

Sponsors: Mr. Barringer

Chess Club

The LHMS Chess Club competes in regional competitions..

Sponsor: Mr. Barringer

Cougar Band

The purpose of the Cougar Band Program is to teach students life skills through the use of music.  We will use music to learn self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, and self-expression.   By the end of the school year, each student will be able to display a high level of proficiency in music history, music theory, critical analysis and performance on his or her instrument.

LHMS offers beginning band (no prior experience needed), concert bands and jazz band.  It also provides an opportunity for solos, small ensembles and All County and All State events.

Band meets during the school day, with occasional after school rehearsals and 2-4 performances each year.

Cougar Band Website

Cougar Chorus

No info at this time.


CougarVision TV is Lakeland Highlands award winning television production program. Applications are submitted at the end of each school year for the following year’s cast and crew.

CVTV is one of the largest TV production programs in Polk County.

Sponsor: Mr. Walls

Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA meets every other Tuesday in Mrs. Feagle’s classroom (Room 01-131) from 4:15-5:00 PM. Any student in a business class at LHMS is welcome to join. Students explore different career paths and expand their employability skills by learning what is important to today’s organizations.

Sponsor: Ms. Feagle


FCA -Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is open to anyone, Christians, athletes, non-athletes, and those who may be interested in learning more about Christianity.  We meet for fellowship and devotions the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month in Mr. King’s room at 8:30. Donuts are provided!  We hope to you see you there!

Sponsor: Ms. Beagan

LHMS Spelling Bee

Lakeland Highlands Middle School has an annual Spelling Bee. Winning students are sent to the Central Florida Spelling Bee which qualifies a Polk County student for the Scripp’s National Bee in D.C.  Participation is on a sign up basis.  Practices for LHMS Spelling Club run one day a week, after school, starting in the fall and continuing until February.

Sponsor: Mrs. Youngblood

DJ Club

This club gives students the opportunity to learn how to create a online radio show. They have the opportunity to DJ at school activities and dances.

Sponsor: Mr. Walls

Math Club

Lakeland Highlands Middle School has a math competition team called Math Club. Both individuals and groups work to figure out problems that relate to the real world of engineering. Problem difficulty varies from middle school to upper high school levels. The 2021-2022 year at Math Club was very exciting. We participated in 5 events.

Students traveled to Seminole County to practice with other students in a mock competition. It was exciting to speak with other mathletes and compete.

Students submitted written answers to Scholastic’s Hardest Question Contest. 7 students completed Round 1. They submitted answers to Round 2. Results are forthcoming.

Students invented a new breed of plant in Scholastic’s Bloom Plant Mash Up Competition. The new plant had to fit certain criteria, for example, be an environmental benefit.

Students created a math video of a chosen problem. The completion of the video was the final step to make our club GOLD LEVEL!

Students took an online test one afternoon for MathCounts. A team of 10 students competed against other school teams in Polk County. Four students worked during the team round. 6 students competed as individuals. Two of our 8th graders placed in the top 25% for Polk County. One student traveled to Jacksonville and competed at the state competition.

Our club needs sponsors. The competitions have a fee, and we have travel expenses. We would appreciate donations. We made a small profit from selling club t-shirts in the fall.

Math Club meets once a week from 4pm to 5pm in Mrs. Kravcenko’s classroom, between the months of September and March for anyone that would like to participate.

Sponsors: Ms. Kravcenko

National Junior Honor Society

The NJHS is a service oriented club at LHMS. Every student is responsible for 40 hours of community service. In addition, students are required to maintain a certain GPA, along with other specific requirements, in order to join and remain a member of this group.

This year our students will be earning their service hours working at various charities throughout the Lakeland community.

Sponsors: Ms. Skeates

Technology Student Association (TSA)

Technology Education for Today’s Youth

The mission of the Technology Student Association is to prepare its membership for the challenges of a dynamic world by promoting technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving skills, resulting in personal growth and opportunities.

The common denominator for TSA members is an interest in technology and a desire to be a part of a national organization.

TSA’s curriculum, competitive events, chapter programs and conferences provide academic and personal growth challenges to its members.

TSA hosts more than sixty competitions that incorporate communications, construction, manufacturing, transportation, leadership and related technologies.

View TSA Events

Sponsor: Mr. Barringer