Lakeland Highlands Middle School



**Tech Support Hotline (for students with school devices): Polk County Public Schools has established a tech support hotline to assist our Campus eSchool (online) students this year. Beginning Monday, Aug. 24, families can call 863-733-0331 for help with eSchool tech questions and issues. Staff will be available to answer calls on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Welcome eLearners! Here is just a brief overview of what to expect as you embark on eLearning! Schoology is the platform for all Polk County eLearners. Students will access it via ClassLink. The directions are located here and on our website. Students must know their username and password in order to access ClassLink. If they do not know that information, please reach out to the school today or tomorrow. Students will follow their schedule, posted in student portal. They will view classes by logging in through Schoology. You are expected to attend all classes each day. Please do not be tardy to class.
Once you log in, you will see your courses. Each course may look a bit different. There may be videos, assignments and/or directions posted by your teacher. Your teacher may reach out to you via Microsoft Teams prior to Monday. They will provide a link within your Schoology Course. You will also want to regularly check your student email.

eLearners are not required to wear school uniforms. However, they should be dressed in school appropriate attire.





  • You will need to connect it to your home wifi the same way you would any other device. Once powered on press Crtl Alt Delete, and click the wifi icon in the bottom right corner (it may appear as a globe at first) and select your home wifi. If you have connection issues later, disconnect from your wifi then reconnect or restart the laptop.


  • Login with your and password.


  • All activity is monitored. Any suspicious behavior or improper use will be reported to PCPS authorities.
  • Laptop must be returned in the same condition it is given.
  • Laptop is only for educational use.