Lakeland Highlands Middle School


Our fundraising efforts this year will be to continue to support the necessary needs of the teachers, classrooms, and administration, but we are also working towards acquiring funds to have a covered walkway from bus area to front of school and continue the walkway to cafeteria.  We would also like to enhance the landscape in the front of the school.  The PTSO is actively seeking help/knowledge from parents who have experience in these areas.  Corporate sponsors are being sought to help with this endeavor, so please contact a board member if you know of any.

PTSO board/general meetings will be held the third Tuesday of each month (excluding December and May) at 6:30 PM in the school auditorium*.

Visit the LHMS PTSO website at:

Did you know:

Each year the PTSO uses its funds to purchase much needed items for our schools.  The money raised from t-shirt sales, membership, and fundraisers have  been used over the past few years to:

  • Purchase students agendas for every student at the school.
  • Purchase technology/software to enhance student learning.
  • Purchase classroom materials for teachers to use with students.
  • Provide school dances for students several times each year.
  • Fund the 8th grade recognition and awards program each year.
  • Upgrade and remodel the 30 year-old staff lunch and work room

Executive Board:

Position Name Email Relevant Forms/Links
President April Bechtol
Vice President Ways & Means Dyan Bechtol
Secretary Meagan Franklin
Treasurer Laurie Busey
Volunteers/Media Niki Moore
Hospitality Carol Clark
Box Tops Jenifer Paul  Box Tops Submission Form
Dances 8th Grade  Michelle Cooley
Dances 6th/7th Lourdes Pelaez-Echevarria
Hospitality Teacher Appreciation Niki Moore